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Through social media, we are trying to bring our audience closer to our activities. The audience we are targeting consists of potential future members, partners, but also supporters and other space enthusiasts. Apart from that, we are also trying to cover as many interesting and important space events of the world. That motivates our members to create something similar. Do not hesitate to reach us anywhere anytime.


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We really like to be part of anything that only mentions rockets or cosmonautics. Czech Rocket Society is also open to educating younger padawans in rocketry and cosmonautics (basic- and high-schoolers). See for yourself below where have we been and represented Czech Rocket Excitement®. Majority of the stuff will only be in Czech language, though. Don't hesitate to ask.

During the University IT Competition, we were part of accompanying programme "UniTrh". The whole event was held by students from BEST Prague - part of CTU Student Union. At our booth, you could see everything that we have been working on and also the CanSat launcher parachute.

Two pages of the February edition of magazine Pražská technika was dedicated to the activities of Czech Rocket Society. Generally, this magazine is distributed amongst all workplaces around the university but also amongst some Czech ministries and companies. You can read it all here, however it is unfortunately only available in Czech.

In cooperation with ESERO (European Space Education Resource Office), Czech Rocket Society helped with programme of "Czechia calls space" event, where it organized "How to build a rocket" workshop. Main part of the programme was however a live call with Matthias Maurer himself (European Space Agency astronaut that had been on the International Space Station at the moment). You can watch the video here



During Czech Space Week, the biggest festival of space activities in Czech Republic, two of our members were starring in a live event called "Students' rocket Hitchhiker or How to build a rocket", which has been mainly targeted on younger audience. You can watch the recording here. The beginning of our appearance is at 2:26:32.

Already flight proven a few times, our Hitchhiker rocket was comprehensively introduced by the department members of Czech Rocket Society. The event Innovation Week took place in the wonderful building of Prague Planetarium in Holešovice.



Czech Rocket Society was helpful during the first year of student competition named Czech Rocket Challenge. During this event, we also launched our Hitchhiker rocket, out of the competition. However, Czech Television made a report about the competition and us (here at time 3:18:30). Two members of our society took part in the competition with their Xperience Aerospace team and Trinidad and Tobago rocket that has climbed to 971 metres and won the competition. In 2022, Czech Rocket Society will be organizing the second year of Czech Rocket Challenge, with the other partners included.

holešovice EXHIBITION GROUND, PraGUE11th-12th SEPTEMBER 2021

Czech Rocket Society representatives have participated in fourth year of the DYI and innovation festival Maker Faire Prague 2021. They were part of approximately 150 exhibitioners. The festival was visited by over 6500 people. The Society prepared not only its stand with parts of the real model rocket, but also a pitch on the main stage or a workshop describing how to build a rocket.