CanSat | Czech Rocket Society



After Hitchhiker's successful take-off, the Czech Rocket Society has a plan for next year's project, which will not only challenge the current members but it will also train the new members we've recruited during the recent recruitment.

The Czech Rocket Society feels to be very inspired by the CanSat competition, which allows high school students to build small models of real orbiters. The size of the orbiters can be compared to cans of soda but they are fully functional.

They bear all basic systems, batteries, sensors, transmitters and computers, from which they can collect data for further analysis, which is exactly what happens in space.

In Czech Republic, the CanSats are currently dropped off from drones or airplanes. Therefore, the Czech Rocket Society sees great potential in this field, because a rocket could be a great and reasonable replacement for drones or airplanes. The motivation here is to build a rocket that is able to bring CanSats near to the space environment. Moreover, with the help of CanSat, we would focus on bringing the Czech space community together, making launches attractive and space for everyone.

For the building of the rocket we will use our previous knowledge and experience from the Hitchhiker project and launch. It will also give our members an opportunity to get even better in their skills. New research teams and departments will be established.

Sounds interesting?

That's great! Join us and find out how to be part of Czech Rocket Society!