About us | Czech Rocket Society

Who are we and how we started?

Read how we got together and what is the society about.

Who are we...

Czech Rocket Society is for technical university programmes students that are interested in rockets and cosmonautics. We want to give them an opportunity to use their gained knowledge in practise and mainly to experiment, try and evolve. Unlike other projects or teams, we want to have a complex approach to rockets and work professionally. We want students to self-educate, exploring how rockets work. We've finished one project (Hitchhiker) already, which will help us to make our next project CanSat Launcher even better.

The Society works as a little parent company for all its projects and teams. That means it stands behind them, manages them, but also helps with financing them. The CRS board is the supreme authority of the Society. As CRS is a self-sustaining entity, it takes care about the operations and management of the things not connected to the projects.

As for our vision, we would like to build similar society to those best in Europe and in the world. This is in order to give our members the opportunity to work in space-related companies in the Czech Republic. In the future we are planning to compete on European rocketry challenges, build even more complicated rockets and maybe even reach space one day. At the same time, we would like to give freedom to our members to some extent, so that they can choose what to build, what to research and what to participate. For many students, this could be a great opportunity to connect their studies with their passion. They can even base their theses or school projects on the work they're doing in the Society.

How we launched...

Czech Rocket Society founders have been inspired by student activites in other countries in this field. That is because some of the founders themselves are members of similar societies in Netherlands and England, where they're also studying Aerospace Engineering. In these countries, these societies have been active for a long time already, cooperating with both universities and big technological companies. They are the places where students meet with rocket engineering for the first time and then leave for a real rocket or cosmonautics related job. Our founders see great potential in Czech Republic, as there has not been a similar student society yet, despite Czechia having great industry, universities and history.

The founders first researched the organization structure of a society, its management, they have also spoken to potential members. After that, in times of covid, Czech Rocket Society has been founded, after seeing huge interest of students participating in the first year of Czech Rocket Challenge. Because of the pandemic, the members could initially only meet online, but that did not stop them. All the new members formally signed up to be part of the society,  the first society board has been elected. Since then, they have been working on several online platforms, having regular worksessions and meetings. One could say that we all learned that the design part of a project can be solved online only, to large extent. This is good for students which are working remotely, living far from the main focuspoint or studying abroad.

Rocket is an immensely complex and high risk machine, as well as cosmonautics. That is why the CRS goals are ambitious and the members get an opportunity to actualize their ideas in various fields, that are in their interest. We asked them about their vision and goals:

"Working on rockets has been a dream for me since forever. When I realized there is CRS, the dream became a reality. The Society enabled me to use my university knowledge in real rocket building, mainly the part that keeps us stable on the way up."

"I am an Air Transport student and I have been fascinated by rockets for very long. But I have been searching for somewhere to use my knowledge. After realizing there is an initiative to found CRS, I did not hesitated for a moment and joined immediately. The excitement from the team, cooperation and projects did not take long to arrive."

"There hasn't been anything like CRS in Czechia. I am glad that the Society isn't just about cosmonautics popularization, but we immediately started working on a rocket and we've already launched it! I think we are Czech space groundbreakers."

"From Star Wars to home-made rocket experiments on the fields, space and cosmonautics have always fascinated me. I have been keeping a close eye on both small and big rockets and I have been inspired by Elon Musk. I wanted to be a part of this all and to bring the space future home to Czechia. Czech Rocket Society enables me to do just that. I can work on rockets and daily meet similarly excited people."

"I may never be an astronaut, but thanks to Czech Rocket Society I could be a part of real rockets being created in Czechia, which could be equally exciting! Maybe some day we will also fly to the edge of the universe!"