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Recruitment of New Members

9th JUNE 2021

The nearest recruitment is dated to October 2021. For specific dates and more information please continue to check our web, everything will be posted here. The applications and enrollment process can be found in the section Join Us, where you will also be able to apply once relevant. 

In the meantime, you can broaden your knowledge about space through videos that our members recommend on the same page or you can follow us on Twitter. In case of any questions be sure to contact

Hitchhiker Critical Design Review (CDR)

9th JUNE 2021

Two months after the kickoff of our first project the Hitchhiker we had a CDR. The main goal of this meeting (that took place online due to covid pandemic) was to present the work of each of the project's departments (Avionics, Propulsion and Structures) so far.

The work that each of the departments lead by their chiefs have done so far was mostly studying relevant literature and preparing designs of the rocket before the components built. The meeting was also attended by directors of multiple faculties at the Czech Technical University (ČVUT or CTU), who gave departments their constructive feedback, which was a big honour for the Society. 

Since most of the feedback regarded details, the project is now ready to move forward. KPP was successful and the departments can now start building their components. Hitchhiker should undergo testing during the summer holidays.


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Rocket Reunion

9TH JUNE 2021

The pandemic restrictions have losened, members of our society survived through their exam periods and the Czech Rocket Society could organise a reunion for the first time!

The main goal was to celebrate the creation of CRS and to give the members an opportunity to meet and bond outside of work. The society's council shared their vision about CRS's future, and in return the members expressed their goals and ambitions not only about CRS but also about their future engagement in cosmonautics. We enjoyed a barbecue, a little tour of the local sights and brought our community a little closer together. We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Working online...

9TH JUNE 2021

Although the Society was found during the covid pandemic, we found a way to work and collaborate effectively regardless. Thanks to many networking apps such as Slack, Notion or Discord, both the departments of our first project Hitchhiker and the Council was able to meet weekly and collaborate even during the restricted online times.

All of the departments (Avionics, Propulsion and Structures) are now ready with their designs, which will be critically assessed on the 8th June at KPP. After the event, the departments should be ready to start building their components.